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Technical Writing Management: A Practical Guide
by Steven A. Schwarzman

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The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition (20 Volume Set)
The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition (20 Volume Set)
by J. A. Simpson, Edmund S. Weiner
- Used & new

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e-learning/web-based training

Since personal computers became common, learning via computer has been something of a holy grail for trainers. The promise of effective training done at the worker's own pace and computer is an attractive one for trainers and managers.

The training world has moved from CBT (computer-based training) to WBT (web-based training) to e-learning (also written elearning), online learning, and distance learning. Note that training is now called learning, emphasizing what the learner does, not what the trainer does! Also, some trainers do distinguish nuances among the various current terms: distance learning, for example, need not be technology-based. It could be a correspondence course!

Books on e-learning

Here are books on e-learning, online learning, distance learning, and web-based training. You'll also want to have a look at our instructional design, technical training, and web design pages.

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